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Planning to complete home renovations, but are not sure how it will affect your insurance costs? Depending on their nature, renovations have the power to increase or decrease insurance costs. Figuring this out beforehand will prevent you from receiving nasty surprises down the line. So here are the most common home renovations and how they affect insurance costs:


Improving the technology and quality of the kitchen units makes for a more pleasant home to live in, but your insurance costs will go up as a result. Since the kitchen will have more expensive components they will be more expensive to repair/replace if damage occurs.

Security systems

From an insurance perspective upgrading the security system is the best type of renovation that you can do. Expect a decrease in your insurance cost by 15-20%, which means the cost of upgrading the system can pay for itself in the long run.


Another positive renovation that you can make insurance-wise is to upgrade the roof. A new roof can prevent leaks and a potential collapse. This will give the impression that your home is less prone to damage.

Swimming pool

Having a swimming pool installed is inevitably going to increase the insurance costs. From a liability aspect, the pool presents all sorts of issues. Installing protection barriers from kids and keeping a fence around it at night, that’s locked, will somewhat decrease the insurance spike.