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The holidays are finally in full swing, with millions of families and friends gathering to enjoy good meals and better company. From holiday classics to more adventurous foods, cooking during this time of year brings people together to bond and make new memories. However, this increased use of the kitchen also increases the risks of smoke and fire damage. While we certainly hope you and your family remain safe this holiday season, if you find yourself needing to file an insurance claim, a Sunrise public adjuster is here to help. 

However, it’s always better to prevent a fire than go through the recovery process, so here’s five way to avoid holiday house fires. 

Dangers of Deep-Frying Frozen Turkeys 

The deep-fried turkey is a fresh take on an American classic, yet it is also one of the most dangerous foods cooked during the holidays. Inexperienced cooks may make mistakes that can have serious consequences, both for your personal health and your property. Failure to allow the turkey to thaw properly before frying can be disastrous, especially if done indoors. The contrast of frozen bird to boiling oil can be explosive, putting everyone’s safety at risk. The resulting smoke and heat can cause additional damage to your home, especially because oils have such a high burning point.  

Give your turkey a full 24 hours to thaw naturally in the refrigerator. This way, it remains cool enough to prevent foodborne illness without risk of frying it frozen. Be sure to check that the meat is entirely thawed before submerging it in the fryer.  

Don’t Leave Cooking Unattended 

The holiday season is a time for hosting parties for your loved ones. Getting distracted by intriguing conversation or sharing memories could quickly lead to disaster. If you are cooking and hosting at the same time, timers are your best friend. Set them to make sure nothing overcooks or burns. Check on the food as often as necessary; it’s also a great excuse for exiting uncomfortable conversations.  

Don’t be afraid to recruit help with cooking, either. Potluck-style parties are a great way to try out your loved ones’ favorite dishes and reduce your own stress. 

Don’t Leave Candles or Fireplaces Burning Overnight 

While this seems like a given, the number of fires that occur every year due to unattended candles or fireplaces says otherwise. As a rule of thumb, never leave any open flame unattended; extinguish them if you are leaving the room or heading to bed. Be sure to check each flame and make sure no embers are able to reignite the fire while you sleep. This will help you avoid needing a Sunrise public adjuster as we enter the new year. 

Clean Up Stove Top Spills 

A busy kitchen during the holidays can make it easy to miss small mistakes like stove top spills. This can be dangerous, as some ingredients may be flammable, even on electric stoves. Sudden kitchen fires cause many injuries during the holidays, and the resulting property damage claim is an avoidable hassle. Remember to clean as you go, even if the mess seems minor. 

Double Check Your Fire Safety Measures 

Being prepared for small fires can help to prevent serious damage to your property. Having things like a fire extinguisher or suppression blanket on hand can help to get a fire under control much faster than any fire department may arrive. Be sure to test your smoke detectors and fire alarms regularly, but especially before cooking a large holiday meal. If a fire does occur, keep your safety and the safety of your family as top priority. Things can be replaced. 

We wish you a safe and happy holiday from our family to yours! If you need to file an insurance claim during this time of year, a Sunrise public adjuster from United Claims Specialists is always available.