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The nice weather in New York has been memorable, but yet again, winter is on its way. Whether you’ve been living in the state for decades, or you’re looking to become a resident, one thing is for certain: winters can be tough. Not only is it cold, but the winters can cause plenty of household problems. For example, water in pipes could freeze if they’re not commonly used. At United Claims Specialists, we work with New Yorkers often who are experiencing home damages due to the colder months. Don’t become a victim this winter. Instead, follow these next few steps from a public adjuster in New York to ensure that you, your family, and your home are safe.      

  1. Tip One from a Public Adjuster in New York: Have a Roof Inspection 

Snow and ice accumulating on top of any building can get heavy. Often times, people experience roof failures. During the winter, there are more claims for roof failure than almost any other time of the year. Snow can rehabilitate roofing structures, or it can damage shingles and tiles. Having a roof inspection prior to winter will ensure your roof is ready for whatever winter brings. A professional roofer will check the structure and the current state of the shingles. If there are that need replaced, it’s better to do so before winter arrives.    

  1. Shut off Water to Avoid Freezing Pipes

New York winters are harsh, and the temperatures can get below freezing. While that makes for a perfect, cozy, interior day, it also means that the interior of the home could suffer. Frozen pipes lead to bursting pipes, and that’s a disaster nobody wants to deal with. It’s recommended that if a homeowner is going away on vacation, it’s better to turn their water off. Additionally, it’s good to leave the heat running while one is absent from the house.    

  1. Trim Nearby Iced Trees 

In forested areas, trees covered with ice can become a serious threat. Often, the ice becomes so heavy that the branches fall. Hopefully, they fall out of reach from the house, but sometimes, that’s not the case. Homeowners may end up with a broken window or a damaged roof from an iced branch. Impact can cause roof damage, and potentially even roof leaks. If there are any trees near the home, it’s recommended to either move them or trim the branches.    

If you’re experiencing any form of property damage, contact United Claims Specialists today. Our team has years of experience assisting homeowners when they need help the most. Dealing with property damage claims can be exhausting, time-consuming, and an overall headache. Why not leave the majority of the work to the professionals? Simply call a New York public adjuster today at 855-321-5677. We handle claims both big and small. There’s no situation United Claims Specialists can’t handle!