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Keeping up to date with all the changes in Florida insurance policies is a full time job at United Claims Specialists. One of the many changes made to the Citizens Homeowners policy is the way the coverage for roof leaks is written; basically, there is no coverage for the ensuing damages in your home caused by a roof leak. We would recommend having it inspected to see if it falls under a covered loss or peril within the insurance policy.  With a free policy review by one of our adjusters, you can know before the storm what’s covered by your policy and what to do after water damage occurs in your property.

Water damage from a roof leak or even a small pipe leak can cause more trouble than most home service companies will be able to find. Water restoration technicians are the best choice when it comes to water damage and mold. Contact UCS today to schedule a complete home inspection. We work with some of the best water damage experts in the industry, and we are always on the homeowner’s side. At United Claims Specialists we have never, and will never, take a fee for a consultation at your property. Contact us and get the answers you are looking for.

Do you know if your agent is looking out for you?

It is a common mistake to take advice from the agent regarding your damages. One of the most common questions is, “will this be above my deductible?” Are insurance agents licensed by the state to adjust property damage? No. They have no qualifications or training in this matter. Why do they send out water restoration companies or contractors before seeing your home or reviewing your policy? How can they decide if a claim is worth filing for you? A good insurance agent or Broker can sell you the right policy to fit your needs before the storm or damage occurs. A GREAT insurance broker or agent will recommend you to call 1-855-321-LOSS (5677).

Don’t settle for less. Get the money you are entitled to for your property damage. You have paid your premiums; now get premium service. File a claim, get answers, or just call to say hello. United Claims Specialists is the only call you need to make. We are available before, after, and even during the storm.