Recent Settlements

Hard-working homeowner “Sally”, filed a claim with her insurance company for a bathroom leak 2 years ago and the insurance company paid her $500. She ultimately paid out of pocket to complete her repairs

In February of this year, she called United Claims Specialists. Despite the damages being identical to the ones that occurred years prior, UCS obtained $40,000 for her.

Before UCS involvement – $500 After UCS involvement -$ 40,000

Got a HAIL claim for UCS? If you do, it could mean over a MILLION dollars
This commercial claim settlement comes out of DALLAS TEXAS.

Initial payment before UCS involvement – $0 ( below deductible)
After UCS involvemen – $1,338,854.76

Hot water line in laundry room caused tremendous damage. We’re glad we were able to serve this insured.

Initial payment before UCS involvement – $17,000. After UCS involvement – nearly $70,000.

Got a bathroom leak? It could entitle you to over $60,000!

This Miami homeowner sustained damage to his home as a result of a failed shower pan. This can allow water to escape through bathroom walls and flooring.

Initial payment before UCS involvement – $7,000. After UCS involvement – $63,000

Can you imagine the stress and hardship these HURRICANE MICHAEL victims went through? Can you see the negligence and outright audacity of the insurance company through the trickling in of these settlement checks throughout 18 months?? They owe the same amount of money from day ONE!

Initial payment before UCS involvement – $26,000 After UCS involvement -$ 422,304.37‬

An elderly couple has roof damages and they don’t know what to do.
IRMA claim signed up on 10/10/2019. We FILED this claim for the insured and were involved from the very beginning and therefore were able to present the claim appropriately and efficiently.

Initial payment issued within 60days for $70,000
After more negotiation: An additional $61,000

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