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If you’re searching on the Internet for a “public adjuster near me” then that must mean that you’re experiencing a property damage disaster. Fire, water, and storm damage are all potential threats to homes. Yet, you never know just how terrible they can be until you’re face-to-face with thousands of dollars in destruction.

Thankfully, that’s what you have insurance for! While insurance companies do their best to be fair, there are times when they hand their policyholders less than adequate settlement amounts. When you’re dealing with property damage, it’s time to call a professional public adjuster. United Claims Specialists can help with a variety of claims, including water, fire and storm damage.

How Will a Public Adjuster Near Me Help With My Case?

The first thing a high-quality public adjuster should do is provide a free home inspection. By seeing the damage for themselves, they can contemplate the best course of action. Most public adjusters have years of experience, giving them a unique insight and perspective. Immediately after you approve the plan, they’ll help you build an unwavering case. This includes taking multiple images and writing down their visual sights of the damage. With thorough documentation, a public adjuster can use them as proof later on.

The insurance company will need to inspect the space. A public adjuster can give you a few pointers, such as not repairing anything until after the inspector visits the property. Some adjusters will even try to be there during the time of the inspection to ensure that all goes smoothly. After building the case, they’ll proceed by negotiating on your behalf with your insurance company. Perhaps the most stressful part of the claims process is making and answering a plethora of phone calls. Insurance companies can be hard on policy owners, as they’re also trying to save money. It’s not uncommon that policyholders give up their case, simply due to the lengthy time commitment and overwhelming frustrations. When you hire a public adjuster, you won’t have to deal with your insurance company.

Luckily, you don’t have to be that person, as you can have the experts at United Claims Specialist on your side. They work tirelessly for each of their clients to ensure that they receive the maximum amount their policy entitles them to. When your home undergoes severe devastation, you need all of the help you can get. Financial support from your insurance company is what you rely on. Make sure you’re getting what you deserve by calling United Claims Specialist. Your search for a “public adjuster near me” can stop now. 855-321-5677 is the only number you need to take care of your property damage needs.