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If there’s been damage to your home in Fort Lauderdale, including damage caused by both humans and Mother Nature alike, then you know that one of the first numbers you call will be your home insurance company. The complete process for getting home insurance claims sorted out can sometimes be lengthy. During that time period, you will spend a lot of time talking to your Fort Lauderdale public adjuster. Our team at United Claims Specialist is here to make sure you get your claim filed correctly, so you get the compensation you deserve for the damages to your home.

Once you have been in touch with the insurance company and filed the appropriate paperwork with them, they will send the Fort Lauderdale public adjuster out to take a firsthand look at your home. This person will walk through the entire house with you, inside and out, to examine the property for damage. They will also ask you about any lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged personal possessions that were within the home. Additionally, you will also be asked about your living situation since the time of the incident-if the house uninhabitable until it is repaired or replaced, have you been living in a hotel or otherwise renting property since then?

Once all this information is sorted, the Fort Lauderdale public adjuster will talk to the insurance company immediately. Our team at United Claims Specialists works for you and is on your side to make sure your claim doesn’t go denied or underpaid by your insurance company. If you cannot live in the house and have been paying for a rental property or hotel, then the insurance company will reimburse you to cover those expenses. The company will carefully go over everything the public adjuster has found pertaining to your home’s damage, and will tell you what they are willing to cover, or pay you, for the damage. The building itself will be treated separately from the contents-if both are affected, then the company will offer you different amounts of coverage for each category.

If your home has been damaged it’s important to call a Fort Lauderdale public adjuster right away. While you might think going to your insurance company is the first move to make, often times the insurance companies just want fast payouts and claims settled quickly. This could lead to your claim being underpaid. United Claims Specialists works for you against the insurance company to ensure your claim is paid for the value you deserve. Contact us today to talk with our Fort Lauderdale public adjuster and see how we can help you.