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Disasters in any home or work space can cause a significant amount of stress. The home is a place to sit back and relax, while the workplace is where owners make their livelihood. Therefore, devastation to either location can make you feel very unsafe and insecure. At United Claims Specialists, we’ve worked with hundreds of Plantation residents to re-claim their properties and obtain their maximum settlement amounts. However, one of the questions we receive a lot revolves around which disasters qualify calling a public adjuster in Plantation. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most common property damage cases. If you are experiencing something similar, give us a call!  

Water Damage Requires the Assistance of a Public Adjuster in Plantation  

In Plantation, water damage is one of the most frustrating mishaps. Water damage can occur at any moment, where it’s related to weather, flooding, or a leaking roof or pipe. What’s important for homeowners and business owners to know is that flooding is not covered under homeowner’s insurance. In fact, it throws most individuals off when they’re looking to file a claim. Flood insurance can be purchased on its own. With a public adjuster, policyholders can be aware of their policies and enjoy sitting back while an expert handles it all!  

Fire Damage  

Fire damage is something all people hope they never experience. Its flames can easily take over a home or a business in no time. Fires don’t leave a lot to repair. Unfortunately, most flames end up burning down everything, leaving restoration and replacement the only option. What most homeowners and business owners don’t know is that they can file for smoke damage as well. This implies that the smoke in the walls, floors, ceilings, and air vents is dangerous. Everything will need to be dealt with by a professional in order to recreate a safe space.  

Mold Damage  

Sometimes mold is a product of water damage, but sometimes mold just thrives in an area. For example, sometimes people won’t realize that they have a mold issue until years after it starts. Fungus can begin slowly, and eventually, it will be noticeable. That’s what makes having a public adjuster so important. Insurance companies can argue that it was negligence or prior flooding. However, public adjusters know how to appropriately handle these situations. Instead of trying to make your case, a public adjuster can take care of the issue without you ever needing to stress.  

If you’re experiencing property damage, it’s time to receive the professional help you deserve. Is not your fault that your home or business is in danger. The reason you pay for insurance is to have coverage when unexpected devastation occurs. Fortunately, with United Claims Specialists on your side, you can rest at ease knowing that you’ve hired a diligent ally. Not only will we work with you from start to finish, but they’ll strive to give you a maximum settlement amount. They can eliminate your stress, frustration, and anger! Call United Claims Specialists today at 855-321-5677 for a public adjuster in Plantation and see how an expert can make your property damage case a little bit more manageable.