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Florida has always been known for its unique weather, the 100° summer days that are also coupled with the rainy season and hurricane season are sure to have visitors confused on how to dress throughout the day. Florida has been issued a flash flood warning that is set to last until the weekend and there have already been reports of rain causing up to four inches of rain in some areas, while flooding neighborhoods and causing damage to buildings with falling trees.

Here are a few tips from the UCSFL family to your family on steps to take after

  • Before re-entering your home, check for any structural damage to your home
  • Keep electricity off until your system has been checked for safety by an electrician
  • If there is damage to the home, take photographs of any damaged personal property
  • Boil water for drinking and preparing food until the water supply is declared safe by authorities.

If your home has sustained any damage, whether it’s from flooding, roof leaks, electrical damage, or mold call the expert public adjusters at United Claims Specialists where we are the experts in representing and negotiating with insurance companies to ensure homeowners receive adequate compensation for damages. Contact us now!