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Anyone would be frustrated when their home is damaged. After any type of damage you want to make sure your home is fixed well so you can get things back to normal. If you’ve had an insurance claim denied this can add to the stress and frustration. You’re now probably wondering how you’ll pay for the damages and how long it’ll take to repair your home. At United Claims Specialists we can help reopen your insurance claim. We’ll find out why your claim was denied and work to reopen your claim so you can get paid for the damages that have happened to your home. 

What types of claims can be reopened?

At United Claims Specialists we’ve helped reopen a variety of different claims in Florida. We know that if your claim was denied you certainly won’t be happy and you’ll be wondering what’s next. The answer is to call our team and see how our professionals can help. We’ve successfully reopened many claims and worked to help many clients get the compensation they deserve. Some of the claims we’ve helped reopen include:

  • Flood claims
  • Hurricane claims
  • Roof damage claims
  • Theft and vandalism claims
  • Hail damage claims 
  • Mold damage claims 
  • & more

Having a professional on your side can help in many ways when trying to reopen a claim. You’ll need to find out why your claim was denied, and what the next steps are to reopen and re file your claim. The public adjusters at United Claims Specialists are experienced and well versed in reopening claims and getting compensation for their clients. Don’t stress any longer if your claim was denied. Lean on our professionals for help reopening your claim.

Getting notice from your insurance company that your claim was denied can cause many emotions. You might be mad, angry, sad, stressed, or all of the above. You’re probably going to wonder what to do next and if there are any other options. With help from our team at United Claims Specialists you can reopen your claim. Don’t panic before you’ve talked with our team. We’re here to help reopen your insurance claim and get you the maximum compensation possible. Call us today at (855) 321-5677 for more information and to schedule your first appointment.