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The joys of summer are too many to mention. Backyard cookouts, camping, beautiful sunsets and other outdoor activities often take our attention away from the more sinister events summer can bring with it – including Hurricane Season. June 1st is the official beginning of what people consider the official Hurricane Season and as it begins, many homeowners cast their eyes skyward and wonder if this is the year their home will be affected by extreme weather.

Moreover, not all homeowner insurance policies cover hurricane damage Fort Lauderdale which can result in astronomical repair bills. Before the season starts, it’s a good idea to review your policy and inquire about additional floor or storm insurance offered by your principal company or a third party insurer. Be sure that you understand all the terms and requirements of any policy you consider.

If you decide to review additional policies to cover problems such as hurricane damage Fort Lauderdale, pay close attention to the deductible. Sometimes a deductible is a flat amount and other times it can be a percentage – either of the repair cost or of your home’s total value. In states where hurricanes are more likely to touch down these deductibles can be higher due to the heightened risk.

If any part of it is unclear or difficult to understand, arrange an appointment with your insurance representative of hurricane damage Fort Lauderdale. Often, these visits can be done within your home so that you can go through each room and even take a walk around your home to discuss areas you are most concerned about. Insurance representatives can also offer advice on ways to protect your home from damage including storm shutters, reinforcing your garage door against high winds and other measures you can take to help protect your home from high winds, heavy rains and other aspects of severe weather.

Major damage inflicted by storms is not something you should try to repair yourself. Your insurance company will probably require that you call on the services of a professional water damage Fort Lauderdale to come out and assess the damage as well as offer an estimate on the repair charges. Photographs or video footage of damage can be useful when filing your claim as well. Be sure to adhere to their policies and procedures and don’t shy away from calling them directly if you are unsure about any aspect of them.