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At United Claims Specialists, we know that Hurricane Irma may not have taken a direct course over Fort Lauderdale, the large historic hurricane did bring plenty of damage. Wind, rain and storm surge are all damages being faced by The Venice of America. There is also a considerable amount of damaged caused by fallen trees and debris.

Many home and business owners may be facing water damage in their homes at the hands of Hurricane Irma. If you have water damage, it’s time to call a Fort Lauderdale public adjuster who will fight for you. It’s time to call on our team at United Claims Specialists.  

What are some signs of water damage? 

Our Fort Lauderdale public adjuster knows that water damage can often be easy to spot. But, sometimes it’s harder to catch. Signs of water damage include: 

  • Staining on ceilings, walls or floors 
  • An earthy, moldy smell 
  • Roof damage 
  • Wind driven rain around windows  
  • Dripping pipes or dripping sounds 
  • Increased humidity in your home  


If you’re seeing signs of water damage, it’s time to call on a public adjuster that you can trust. At United Claims Specialists, we’re here to fight for you. Our Fort Lauderdale public adjuster understands the importance of getting the right help for your claims. Without the right help, your insurance company may to avoid properly paying for your damages. But with the help of our Fort Lauderdale public adjuster, you can get the most for your claim.  

How can a Fort Lauderdale public adjuster help me throughout the claims process? 

The claims process involves many steps from start to finish. Making sense of the claims process can be a challenge, especially when you’re frazzled following Hurricane Irma. Instead of dealing with all the red tape from the claims process yourself, you can count on a public adjuster from our team at United Claims Specialists! We help you throughout the claims process, working to: 

  • Properly document your damages 
  • Seek out repair estimates 
  • Submit claims to the insurance company 
  • Follow up on claims 
  • Argue denied or underpaid claims  


Our team at United Claims Specialists can help with your claim. We work for residential and commercial storm damage claims for Fort Lauderdale and many other cities. Don’t let your insurance company deny or underpay your storm damage claim. Instead, call our Fort Lauderdale public adjuster for the best claims assistance. We’re here to take your call, call now!