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It’s no secret that dealing with your insurance company after property damage can be a frustrating endeavor. You’re met with a handful of phone calls and endless negotiating. You’re also left with a plethora of unanswered questions. Especially if it’s your first time around with a property damage claim, you might be confused as to what to expect or how the situation should unfold. That’s why it’s essential to hire a West Palm Beach public adjuster. We’ll help you with all of your insurance needs, as it’s the only way to level the playing field.  

What Does Leveling the Playing Field Mean from a West Palm Beach Public Adjuster?  

First things first, and that’s understanding what it means to level the playing field in regards to insurance companies. Insurance companies hire the best adjusters they can find, as they’re consistently trying to save money. An insurance adjuster will look for faults in the claim, misguidance, or inadequate information. Then, they’ll send an inspector on their behalf to analyze the extensiveness of the damage. Once they have their report, they’ll accept your claim, deny it, or send a partial offer. 

At United Claims Specialists, we believe that if your policy entitles you to full compensation, then you deserve to be given the adequate funds. After all, isn’t that what insurance is for in the first place? We level the playing field by being your source of knowledge. We’ll help you fill out your paperwork, advise you on what information is necessary, document the damage, translate confusing lingo, and build a strong case. With us on your side, you can avoid the common mishaps that first-time property damage filers miss or disregard. 

If you’re ready to be paid appropriately by your insurance company, don’t file alone. We’ll negotiate on your behalf so that you can get back to the more important matters in your life. Whether it’s residential or commercial, you can trust United Claims Specialists to be your ally. We’re proud to help homeowners and business owners maximize their financial settlement amounts. To level the playing field, contact us today at 855-321-5677!