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If you’ve never filed a property damage claim in Palm Beach Gardens before, you’re most probably under the impression that your insurance company will award you at least enough compensation to repair the damages you’re claiming. After all, you’ve poured over your insurance papers now twice, and they clearly state that you’re covered. You’ve also dutifully paid your premiums every year. So, why are you now faced with the distressing news that your claim has been denied?  Something just doesn’t make sense and definitely does not seem fair! Every year in South Florida, thousands of homeowners file insurance claims for property damages that end up with a big fat denied stamp on them which may be for a variety of reasons that range from the improper filing of paperwork to lack of physical documentation of damages.

Call an experienced Palm Beach Public Adjuster who can help

Do you think that a “denied” stamp on your claim is the only recourse you have? Do you think you’ll have to reach deeper into your pockets or even get a loan to pay for the damages? This is not always the case, in fact, at United Claims Specialists, we are here to help you understand that just because you’ve been denied an insurance claim, it doesn’t mean that you can’t reapply and come out ahead next time. Our experienced insurance adjusters have gotten maximum settlements for clients whose claims were originally denied! We are here to help you with everything related to your claim so that you can go back to just living your life without this stress hanging over your head. We will review all documents, take stock and photos of all damages and losses, and any other necessary paperwork needed to file a proper insurance claim or claim supplement. Leave the burden to us. The professional team of public insurance adjusters at United Claims Specialists can help you refile an insurance claim for a variety of damages such as:

● Broken Pipes Claim 

● Smoke and Fire Damage

● Water Damage

● Mildew and Mold

● Wind Damage

● Theft and Vandalism

● Lightning Damage

● Hurricane and Tornado Damage

In Florida, the law allows for a certain amount of years, usually five, for you to re-open an insurance claim. So, if you’ve been denied a claim or feel that you received inadequate compensation from your insurance company, it’s not too late to get the money you deserve! The dedicated insurance adjusters at United Claims Specialists can get you a quick settlement with the maximum compensation you deserve to repair your damages.  Whether you’re looking to re-open your case or file a supplemental claim, we can help. Call (855) 321-5677 today and ask how to get your FREE insurance claim assessment and policy review. One of our knowledgeable courteous staff is always standing by to help!