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Are you contemplating hiring a West Palm Beach public adjuster, but you aren’t sure that you’ll be able to trust their advice? Fortunately, some companies are exceeding expectations in South Florida. Finding a company you feel you can trust is always a search, but now at United Claims Specialists, we’re here to give you a different experience.

Is a West Palm Beach Public Adjuster Helpful?

While many policyholders feel that they can file claims on their own, there are incredible benefits to hiring a professional with experience in the insurance field. As a public adjuster, our team not only fights on your side against any unfair settlement quotes, but we also make sure that your claim will be accurate before it is sent to your insurance company.

We know that it can be tempting to forgo the process alone; however, the risks multiply tenfold when filing a claim solo. Why is this? First and foremost, insurance companies are often overwhelmed with policyholder requests, especially during storm season in South Florida. Therefore, many claims get swept under the rug or put on the backburner before they’re even acknowledged. Delays like these can leave policyholders waiting for months before they hear anything back. As a property owner, we understand how this can be stressful, as you’re waiting eagerly to repair any damage that has been sustained to your home or place of work.

Hiring a public adjuster, on the other hand, ensures that you’ll be able to have your claim moved to the top of the list. Why? Well, insurance companies realize that public adjusters are not people to play with or ignore, as we fight with vigorous determination to make sure that our customers see their financial assistance within an acceptable timeframe. This encourages insurance companies to move quickly. We also know what estimates are fair and which are not, which then avoids less than favorable settlement quotes.

With the ability to help you document your case, file it, and stay up to date with the progress, the experts at United Claims Specialists are here to help. We’re a trustworthy name across South Florida with the ability to assist both residential and commercial property owners. When in doubt, call the best West Palm Beach Adjuster to help you with your property damage claims.