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The Office of the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale ordered the evacuation of residents living along the shoreline. A strong tropical cyclone is moving fast towards Fort Lauderdale and will probably brings heavy rains and flood. Your family hastily packed some of your personal belonging and go to the designated evacuation center leaving your home unattended. The flooding in Fort Lauderdale did not come as announced but upon your return, you found out that your home was forcibly entered and ransacked. Would your insurance company will pay you for that burglary damage?

The first thing you should do is to report the burglary incident to the local police office. Of course, the police will conduct an investigation and prepare the burglary incident report. However, you should contact immediately a Fort Lauderdale insurance adjuster to help you understand your home insurance policy coverage. A comprehensive home insurance coverage usually includes burglary and vandalism among home damages that could be compensated. You’ve paid your insurance premium and you should be compensated for the loss of property inside your home due to burglary and vandalism.

A Fort Lauderdale public insurance adjuster usually works on a contingency basis, that is they will receive compensation for his work whenever the insurance company pays your damage claims. They will assist you in preparing the insurance claim application including all the necessary documents, a copy of your insurance policy coverage, police incident reports, pictures after the burglary or vandalism, receipts of properties lost or damage if any, appraisal of the value of lost or damage property and any other documents necessary for a successful insurance claim against your insurance provider.

The United Claims Specialists are a group of public insurance adjusters serving the South Florida area that provides services to individuals with insurance claims damage appraisal and filing of insurance damage claims. Contact United Claims at (855) 321-5677 for your problems with insurance damage claims.