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How to Handle a Hurricane from a Florida Public Adjuster 

Hurricanes in Florida are frequent, but in recent years, they’ve seemingly gotten more powerful and destructive. While it can be frustrating to clean up the contents after a storm, there isn’t much choice. However, it’s crucial that homeowners handle the hurricane clean up processes with efficiency. Hurricanes don’t bring regular flooding. Sewers and street muck intermix with the water of the ocean and those are bacteria that you won’t want to take lightly. In this article, we’ll dive into how to care for your house or business best during a tropical mega-storm. Here are a few tips from a professional and experienced Florida public adjuster.  

Step 1: Call a Florida Public Adjuster 

The first thing you should do is to call a public adjuster. Most people think that they should call their insurance company or a remediation company. The reality is that both businesses will need to be involved, especially if you’re dealing with flooding. However, a public adjuster can help you make the right call regarding what you should handle first. For example, some people panic and end up calling a remediation company. They figure the sooner they can get the water cleaned up, the better off they’ll be. While this is primarily true, you’ll want to ensure that you document your property in full first. Every photo will be the evidence you need to support your claim.   

Step 2: Call a Remediation Company 

After you have a public adjuster on the phone, you’ll want to start hiring a remediation company. It’s not advisable to perform a hurricane flood clean up on your own, as there may be harmful toxins floating in the water. Remediation companies have special tools and equipment that can make your house good as new, without risking disease or sickness. They’ll help you pack up your materials, throw out what can’t be saved, and replace what has been ruined.  

Step 3: Trust the Public Adjuster to Deal with Your Insurance Company 

Last, but not least, a public adjuster will negotiate and present your claim on your behalf. During a hurricane, there are millions of people looking to their insurers for help. Because of this, insurance companies have a tendency to become overwhelmed, and relatively stingy. To avoid being one of the policyholders that are denied or swept under the rug, allow a public adjuster to bring your case to the forefront. A Florida public adjuster won’t give up until you’re appropriately paid. Call United Claims Specialist today at (855) 321-5677 to see how our team can help you in a time when you need professionalism, dedication, and assertiveness the most.