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Heading out of town for Thanksgiving or other holiday travel? At United Claims Specialists, we know it’s important to keep your home safety in mind! Our West Palm Beach public adjuster works with many claim types, including burglary home insurance claims. But with the right precautions, you can help keep your property secure from robbers.

Our team at United Claims Specialists has put together some top tips for keeping your property secure while you’re away. 

What are home security tips from a West Palm Beach public adjuster? 

At United Claims Specialists, we know that burglary can happen to anyone. If you have a burglary claim, our West Palm Beach public adjuster can fight for your best interests and top claim settlement. We suggest doing everything in your power to help ward off would-be robbers first though. Keeping your property safe starts by: 

  • Limiting social media posts while away. Is your friends list only filled with close friends? Chances are, there are would-be burglars who can see your posts. When you post away from home and check in at far-off locations, it’s possible that a “friend” on your list can see you’re out of town and take the opportunity to help themselves to your home. Keep your posts limited to help keep your home secure. 
  • Sort your garbage carefully. Got a nice new TV or other purchases? Don’t leave the box right on the curb, that acts as a billboard for burglars! Instead, break down the box and dispose of it in opaque containers. In the same vein, don’t post big purchases on social media.  
  • Keep it bright. Light timers are some of the best tools for making your home look occupied while you’re gone. Timers for indoor lights and TV timers can help give your property an occupied appearance. Also consider motion sensor outdoor lights. 
  • Talk to your neighbors. Your neighbors are your best friends when it comes to keeping your home safe while you’re out of town. Our West Palm Beach public adjuster suggests letting a neighbor know of your travel plans. This way, if they see something suspicious, they’ll know to help.  

With these precautions, you can reduce the likelihood of vacation time burglaries. If you return home to a burglary or other home damages, you may consider filing a home insurance claim. At United Claims Specialists, our team offers the best assistance for home insurance claims. Call our West Palm Beach public adjuster for help with your claims process.