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Get in Contact with a Public Adjuster in Florida to File a Mold Claim 

As your home or business place is overtaken by mold, you will need to take immediate action and reach out to someone who can help. Most people think that they should contact an expert who deals with this kind of issue however, United Claims Specialists believes that your first call should be directed not to your insurance company but to a public adjuster in Florida. That’s right! You may be under the perception that your insurance company has your best interest at heart and we’re not necessarily saying that they don’t, however, sometimes insurance companies are dead set against giving you the compensation you rightfully deserve. With United Claims by your side, you can have the professional assistance from a public adjuster who will work vigorously to ensure you get the settlement you deserve for your damages and that you can pay for the repairs. 

The Dangers of Mold: Why It’s Important to Handle the Issue Immediately 

Toxic black mold is severely harmful. So much so that some deaths have been recorded to be caused by the extensive presence of black mold. When said out loud, this fact may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s nothing but the truth. Many times, black mold begins to take over an area of your home or place of business without you even realizing it. The water sips in and it goes completely unnoticed, but it’s there. The mold begins to build and build slowly, and by the time you actually noticed, it may be quite difficult to contain the situation. Difficult, not impossible. Of course, you will need professional assistance from a mold remediation team, and we highly recommend you avoid handling this issue on your own, but your insurance company should be the one paying for the costs not you, and that’s what a public adjuster in Florida can help you with. 

Don’t Go Out of Business Because of Mold: Contact a Public Adjuster in Florida 

As impossible as it sounds, several businesses have lost clients and have even shut down, because of the mold that’s taken over their establishments. It’s not only that it’s not sanitary and it goes against regulations, especially if you run a restaurant, but mold actually endangers the health and safety of your clients. You can see why it’s imperative that this issue it’s handled immediately. No business owner wants to lose client and profit and from a moral standpoint, a genuinely good and ethical business owner, will not want to put his or her clients in danger.  

Call United Claims Specialist for an Experienced Public Adjuster in Florida 

Facing mold or any other issue of this magnitude can be quite stressful, however not only should not be tackling this on your own, but you should also highly consider reaching out to a public adjuster in Florida, to better help you navigate the process of receiving a just compensation from your insurance company. The money you obtain from your insurance company will help you hire a professional that’s capable of successfully handling mold remediation in your business or home. Call the experienced public adjusters in Florida at (855) 321-5677 and see how we can help!